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This Old Town

(From album, I Saw the City)


Seek and find

I'm deep in the water supply

Rush of gutters

In blood red pulse of night

Sold my soul

To the river and the railway line

Broken churches

Their mouths wide to the sky


This old town won’t hold me now

This old town won’t hold me now


Cut a shape

In the place where the night comes apart

In the pubs

Where the old ones sing out their hearts

You went so easy, so easily gone

We were left watching the sky

For a sign, never to come


Old town, come hold me now, come hold me now

Old town, come hold me now


Rock me like the rooftops

As the train rolls by

As the city loves the suburbs

Like the river loves the sky


As the soil drinks the rain

On the park boulevards

While the treetops whisper

In the places you aren’t

Old town, console me now, console me now

Old town, console me now














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