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New EP: Songs of Drink & Revolution to be released July 14th!

The time has come... Songs of Drink and Revolution is now available for preorder on iTunes:

Or if you prefer something you can hold in your hand you can preorder the CD from the Shop page.

The five songs were recorded in Liverpool with our fantastic band, capturing a energised and immediate live sound. Borrowing ideas from Leonard Cohen, Dylan Thomas and Tony Benn, these are politically charged songs but also complex, intimate pieces looking at the big issues from personal perspectives.

Capturing the talents of trumpeter Martin Smith, guitarist Martin Heslop and Dean Ravera on bass, the arrangements shimmer with passion and imagination, drawing vibraphone, synth and harmonium in to the pallet. Fans of previous tracks such as 'England Loves a Poor Boy' and 'Poverty Knocks' will not be disappointed by the bite and fire of these new recordings.

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